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ero couple Erogenous Zones that Maximize Ultimate PleasureThe human touch can be the most stimulating and arousing method to woo a person. From the gentle finger glide along the arm to the soft touch of a kiss on the lips, being able to engage the opposite sex is not an easy task. This article will go through the erogenous areas (‘zones’) of both the male and female gender.  We’ll start with a list of body areas from top (head) working our way down to the bottom (feet).

The Head

Gently caressing the hair or massaging the scalp (on either male or female) allows for the release of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals which release in our pituitary glands which make us feel excitement, pain or pleasure. In this case, it would be pleasure. Gently glide your fingers through the person’s hair starting from the front side of the forehead and working your way along to the backend. On a female, you can glide your fingers along and shift the hair behind the earlobe.

The Ears

This area provides instant gratification by gently and lightly licking, sucking and nibbling on the earlobes and behind the ears. Gently blowing in the person’s ear can also add to effect. It may even send a tingling sensation of arousal.


A main feature of the body, which is often used are the lips. In this case, the lips are can be used as a visual attraction. Soft, smooth, luscious lips send the signal to the other person saying ‘hey, these lips are for your kissing pleasure’. Once the attraction has begun between two persons, the lips can be used as an effective tool for sexual arousal.

Depending on where your level of experience lies within the kissing field, no one is truly an expert, they only think they are. Everyone has their own unique technique which is developed through a lot of practice. It’s best to start slow, soft and gentle. Light pecks that progress into deeper kisses. If you and your partner are more passionate, the kiss can progress more aggressively (use of tongue and/or teeth). Kissing stimulates a sexual urge for intercourse.

The Neck

The nape of the neck is a playful area that can give pleasure to the receiver. You can lightly kiss, lick, suck and nibble on the neck area. Use light kisses and trace a trail from the ears along the neck to the lips. If you’re more confident, you can try using your tongue to trace. Try to avoid giving hickies because no one really wants dark spots on their neck.


Stroking the arm with your fingertips can send a tingling sensation to your partner. This is done under the forearm and glide along to the wrist. For some people, the area on the underside of the armpit is a sensitive area and ticklish. You can also graze your fingers down the side of the torso (and side of the breast on females).

The Breasts

ero boobs Erogenous Zones that Maximize Ultimate PleasureThe nipples are very sensitive because they contain a lot of nerves in that small area. Even the lightest touch (especially on women) can cause great sensation and excitement.  Gentlemen, pay good attention to this region, it should not be ignored.

You can gently glide your fingers over and from side to side. Start light and gentle before moving to any aggressive action until your partner feels comfortable with your touch. Kneading the breasts during intercourse helps stimulate sexual responsiveness. The breasts are an aiding tool in a woman’s sexual gratification during intercourse; a little touching goes a long way (bonus points!).


This is a large area to work with which means more areas that can be utilized. You want to move in a downward position starting from the top on, near or under the breast area and make your way near the genital region. Make sure you don’t head straight down south otherwise you will be passing up a lot opportunity. The great thing about the stomach region is that it can build up a lot of anticipation from your partner because what they anticipate is what happens down below.

Start by teasing and misleading your partner to believe that your intentions are going down on your partner but your actions stay stationery in the upper and mid-section. Don’t rush too quickly to the finish. You want to build up the arousal so that the ending becomes more ‘spectacular’ when your partner finishes.

The belly button is a playful area, like babies, very ticklish. Play around a bit and with either your tongue or fingers and gently glide around the waist line and curves. This is a sensitive area and as you are moving down, do not go directly to the genital region. You want to build up the anticipation and excitement with your partner.


From the mid-section move straight to the legs, pass the genital region. The upper inside and below the buttocks zones are extremely sensitive because of their close proximity to the anal and vaginal/scrotum area. The techniques you can use are kissing, licking, caressing and massaging.  The legs have a lot of nerve endings especially in the ankles, back of knee and inner thigh.

The Feet

The middle ridge of the foot is sensitive and can be ticklish for most people. Use light caressing of the fingertips or licking (if you prefer) along the sole and top. Some people lick to suck on the toes but let’s hope the person’s foot is clean first. Massaging helps relieve tension from the feet and upwards putting your partner in a relaxed state.

The Back

This area can build up a lot of tension and stress. To get your partner into the mood, start with light and gradually increase to intensive massaging to help loosen the knots and sore patches. Once your partner has relaxed and de-stressed, gently run your thumbs and forefingers up and down the sides of the back and near the lower region (near the buttocks). Your partner is relaxed, he or she can be up for anything fun after all the tension has been released. Once you start with the back region first, it’s a good opportunity to move around and ‘explore’ other areas of your partner (as listed above).

The Butt

Squeeze it. Slap it. It can be considered the fun, playful area as it can be used for teasing the other person. It can strike arousal depending on your partner’s sexual preferences.

The Genitals

If ‘X’ marks the spot, then you hit jackpot!  You can call it whatever you want but this is essentially the gold mine in a sexual relationship (especially if it’s your first time).

If your partner is a male, kiss around the area of his shaft and testicles. Start with light licking and sucking of the testicles. Then work your way up to licking up and down and around his penis. Make sure his penis is moist or wet enough so that any friction going against it does not strike pain from being dry.

Once he gets comfortable (and it might be soon), use your mouth and lightly suck on his penis in an up and downward motion. It provides a stimulating sensation and arousal which will definitely alert his hormonal urges. At this time, your hands can also be useful by stroking his testicles and shaft at the same time you are performing oral stimulation.  Your hands can also replace your mouth when it gets tired.

Learn to control speed by starting slow and easy before moving to any fast-paced motion. Once it reaches the point where you feel your partner’s responsiveness (close to climax), pick up the speed to give a faster climax. Be careful not to use your teeth, it may hurt.

If your partner is a female, take your forefinger and explore her lower regions to get a good sense of the area.  The clitoris is the skin above the lips of the vagina. It is very sensitive and recommended that if you are in the area, to start there first. Use your forefinger and lightly play with the clit. You can also lick around it.ero intimate Erogenous Zones that Maximize Ultimate Pleasure

As you are licking the clitoral region, have one or two fingers glide up and down and in and out the vaginal zone. When penetrating the vagina, start in slow as your partner may be dry and it will hurt her. It’s best to have some lubricant handy. Move away from licking the clitoral and move towards giving her oral pleasure. The motions should be similar when you used your fingers.  You can continue with any method that your partner finds pleasurable.

An important thing to remember when exploring your partner’s body is that communication is absolute key. You can’t achieve pleasure unless you communicate with your partner in the early stages. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they like and dislike because your partner would know better as to what would arouse them.

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