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Depending on the circumstances, getting a girl’s attention can be quite difficult. Remember these tips and you will have much more success.

Be the leader of the group

leadership How to Get a Girl’s Attention?People notice the person in a group who is constantly talking (ie. the centre of attention). If you are the leader of the group and being the most social person, you will get noticed. Depending on the group you are with, this can also display high value for yourself. Also, being a leader of a group is an alpha male trait that women love. Girls will want to be a part of your social circle and you will be their “key”, so to speak. This can grab huge attention. Your crowd should be the life the party, the crowd that everyone watches. Having a great social circle opens up many doors.

Dress fashionably

Doing something as simple as dressing fashionably can be enough to get a girls’ attention. Girl’s love fashion. If you look great, they will notice instantly and you will get compliments. Being confident in the clothes you wear is also important. If you feel uncomfortable, you will make others feel uncomfortable.

One unique item

I don’t believe in peacock theory, but I find that one unique item with a great story behind it is a great way to gather attention. It can also build attraction depending on your story.

What is peacock theory?

extreme peacocking How to Get a Girl’s Attention?The theory is simply: there are 20 people in a row all looking very similar and one that looks completely different or unique from the remainder. Which one of those people will get a girl’s attention? Obviously the different one. This is known as the peacock theory.

The definition of peacock theory would be when someone wears “attention-grabbing“ clothes. This promotes others to interact with the individual. It also helps you stand out from the crowd. It is a tool that causes people to feel interest, which compels them to give you more attention.

Peacocking also has a downside. When a peacocked guy is sitting by himself he will look more like a loser than an average joe sitting by himself. The reason for this is it amplifies response, in a good way or a bad way.

Personally I don’t agree with extreme peacocking but having one unique interesting item is very useful. The item should garner enough attention that it gives people an excuse to make a comment about you – or to you.

Extreme peacocking is stupid. PERIOD. DON’T DO IT.

Talk to her

attention eyes How to Get a Girl’s Attention?The easiest way to get someone’s attention! Talk to them, keep them entertained, and don’t take their bull shit. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t act differently in front of her, act like you would in front of your best friend. Guys like me worry way too much about not wanting to fuck it up, and then we end up not being ourselves because we don’t want to fuck it up. We just let her walk all over us because we don’t want to fuck it up. Don’t fall into the trap.  Don’t care about the outcome and be yourself.  If you fuck it up, who cares? How many women are there? Learn from it and keep on going.

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