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Pick-Up Artist fully explained. At first I didn’t really know what that meant besides the common answer of “men that attempt to pick-up women”. I thought that this information would only help me with approaching women and would be a good first step. It turned out to be completely wrong. The best way I can describe it is a lifestyle improvement. The only weakness is that it doesn’t cover relationship advice, but everything up to getting the girl into a relationship, it covers.

When this post was written I had just started but I was already getting motivated to improve myself and my life. It was revolutionary at first. I am in no way a “natural” with women so why can’t I learn about women like I would learn about anything else. There is a misconception that you either are good with women or aren’t and there is nothing you can do about it. This isn’t true. I think that any skill can be learned, will I be able to learn it though is the real question. Who knows? Stay tuned. Same bat time, same bat channel. Subscribe to my RSS Feed (e-mail updates) to keep updated.

Now, on to the important information…

What is a Pick-Up Artist?

A ‘Pick-Up Artist’ is a term used in the seduction community to describe a man who is or who at least strives to be skilled in meeting, attracting and seducing women.  The seduction community is a group of men whose goals are to have better sexual and romantic success with women through self-improvement and greater understanding of social psychology.

I agree with the definitions. The part of the definition that is most important to note is “self-improvement”. That is going to be my main focus.

How did it all start?

Although it has been around for years, today’s current fascination with the ‘art of the pick-up’ stems from the 2005 bestseller, “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists,” penned by Rolling Stone writer Neil Strauss. This is basically just a drama book with very little material. It will in no way, shape or form help you with women, or in any other matter. Mystery “Erik von Markovik” was also featured in the book and is popular in the community to this day for his methods. He has written a few books but I won’t get into that right now. For starters, his material is good.

Why is this important?

You may not have any interest in being a so called Pick-Up Artist but the information they provide is very valuable. It can be incorporated into many different social situations and also has a lot to do with being a better person in all aspects of your life. Many people don’t know that but it is definitely true. It also helps with one of the most important personality traits – confidence. A lot of people misconceive pick-up artists as being sleazy, while in some case this is true, the majority of people do not behave this way.

Even if you just want to get married or just have a long term relationship with one person, it will help. It will basically help motivate you to becoming who you actually want to be. It will give you the confidence to be you. Women should also be able to benefit from this knowledge as well.

A woman’s perspective?

Women tend to refer to these type of individuals as “sneaky”,”manipulative”,”liars”, “staged”, “non-genuine”, “sleazy”, and “dishonest”.  While this opinion may be valid in certain cases, I feel as though this generalization is completely wrong.

What is available?

There are many different models to learn. I will mention the most popular. Now these models don’t only help you in dating, they can help you completely re-define your lifestyle into whatever you want.

Speed Seduction:

  • Ross Jeffries
  • Bishop
  • Dave Riker
  • J Canipe Yates PhD
  • Vince Kelvin

Cooky and Funny:

  • David Deangelo

Mysterys M3 model:

  • Mystery Method, later Venusian Arts (Lovedrop)
  • Love Systems (later slightly modified as Emotional Progression Model)
  • styles Annihilation Method and style Life

M3 with a spin:

  • Speer Method
  • Mehows Methods

PUA 101:

  • Represented by their various products

Captain Jacks “Method” (simplified M3):

  • Captain Jack
  • El Topo
  • Sinn

Direct Game (also more a variation of M3, than an own method):

  • Bad Boy
  • Shark/Ranko Ragami

Juggler Method:

  • Charisma Arts

Gunwitch Method:

  • Way of Gun

Natural Game:

  • The Approach
  • Woodheaven/Vin DiCarlo

Real Social Dynamics:

  • Real Social Dynamics

Brad Ps System:

  • Brad P Underground Dating System and 30/30 Club

Adam Lyons Method ( heavy variation of M3):

  • Adam Lyons/AFC Adam

Various Non-Method/Direct Methods:

  • David X
  • Player Supreme
  • Mode One
  • GM Method
  • Sean Messenger

masf “Crew”:

  • Sleazy
  • 60
  • Joseph W. South
  • Franco
  • David Clare

“Scene intern Sex Gurus” – “Endgame Models”:

  • David Shade
  • Daniel Rose
  • Masterclass/David Van Arrick

That is only a small chunk of all the information available and products being sold. I will go into more detail on the various methods in future posts, so please sign up for the RSS Feed. What are your thoughts on Pick-Up Artists? Leave a comment.

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